better late than never

Few things please me as much as finding a perfect match- whether it's compatible paint swatches, a new flavor combination, or that new belt that goes with absolutely everything. So it only makes sense that I can't get enough of quilting. Not only do I get to play with endless colors and shapes, but I can meditate with the slow alignment of points and seams.

My first quilt was designed to fit the generous dimensions an unfinished cross-stitched tablecloth found at a roadside antique shop. Luckily, the fabric scraps I'd been holding on to since my fashion school days were almost enough to complete the project. After stitching the year and holiday onto the front I gave the blanket to my Aunt as a housewarming/holiday gift. ("Jul" translates to "Christmas" in Swedish.)

Note: Thanks to Purl for a few extra pieces of fabric, goldenrod sashiko thread and my very first life-changing rotary cutter.

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