pencil case logic

I've been anxiously awaiting a chance to use the fabric I wove at the Textile Arts Center this summer, and Jess's birthday was the perfect opportunity. She's an outrageously talented illustrator so a pencil case was an obvious - and satisfyingly functional - gift. 

I chose a heavy interfacing to protect the delicate weave from rogue pencil tips and a beautiful almost-navy Chambray for the lining. With simple instructions and a zipper foot (my new best friend), I was thrilled to find a showcase for the bold pattern in just a few hours.


pomme designs said...

The weaving and subsequent pencil case turned out amazing! I'm glad you were able to find a way to attach a tassel to the zipper. :)

maggi said...

absolutely beautiful....the workmanship and the way that your mind works:)

Michele said...

OOOO Silka this is so BEAUTIFUL! I want one!