trim and proper

Sure, working at Fishs Eddy is pretty fun. But working with the great people there is what really makes it amazing! The design department there is like my second home. I even tried to leave once and came crawling back. 

I'm sure that everyone who works there will eventually get a post, but this one is for Sara. Her design sensibility and organized productivity were what got me blogging in the first place. Exchanging craft ideas and planning trips to Purl Soho on an almost-daily basis has been invaluable to my momentum.

Last year, to celebrate surviving the holidays, I gave her a humble package of trimmings which she wrote about on her own blog. For my most recent birthday she returned the favor with an impeccably wrapped gift box, beautiful handmade drawstring bag and elegant grosgrain trim from Paris. 

It was just too lovely to leave undocumented.

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