susie's sachets

Let's admit it, it's way more fun to shop for someone who shares your taste. The same goes for handmade gifts. Not only are you spending time on a project you're actually inspired by- an opportunity that can be rare in the life of a "creative professional"- but it's also gratifying to know that someone out there is enjoying something you've put energy into.

I'd been wanting to make sachets for a while, now that I'm on this little drawstring bag kick. Jake's mom Susie likes simple, rustic elegance as much as I do, so her birthday was an ideal opportunity. The combination of lovely high-quality linen, simple free-hand embroidery and Green Market lavender produced a set I would have loved to keep in my own drawers... but I was more than happy to pass them along to her.

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j said...

Sillllllka! i am in love with you