contain yourself

It shouldn't come as a surprise that our apartment is littered by little (...ok, not always little) stacks and piles of my different projects. I mean, why waste time cleaning up one project when I could be working on another?

Sara on the other hand, while just as crafty, keeps her workspace spotless. So to encourage her mild OCD- and perhaps inspire some of my own- I decided to make her a simple stash basket. It's great for hard-to-organize supplies and the structured linen, muslin lining and subtle emerald border stitch won’t fight with the neutral palette of her apartment.

In fact, it was so easy and satisfying to make I think I might whip up a few for myself... organized chaos would be progress.

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pomme designs said...

I've already gotten so much use out of it... and seeing this photo reminds me that I need to get more yarn! care for a trip to Purl??