place matters

'Tis the season for my favorite winter meal- a hearty soup, a hunk of bread and some Cowgirl Creamery cheese. It’s easy (especially when Jake is doing the cooking), warming, fragrant and always delicious. And a big pot lasts for days, which is perfect because I never get sick of soup.

But however casual the food, meals in our apartment are always an event. A nice bottle of wine, a few candles (plug!) and real linens help us slow down and celebrate the flavors we’ve been salivating over.

In anticipation of this cold-weather ritual, I designed a set of place-mats with a delicate summer/winter stripe lined with a durable natural cotton. The result is a great mix of rustic and elegant- ideal for a small January dinner party. We’re still a little nervous about getting them dirty, but it’s bound to happen… and slurping soup is a great way dive right in.

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